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OUR PRODUCTS ARE IMITATED BY CHINESE (http://www.sondakikahaberleri.com.tr/ihracat-oranini-artirdi-taklidi-cikti/)

The products of the company manufacturing plastic pipe welding machine and accessories in Istanbul and exporting %65 of its products abroad were copied in China printing CANDAN logo on them and launched to foreign markets.

Starting with 5% export sales to Russia in 1998, Candan Makina LTD. has raised the same to 65% and became an important example in Turkishexport business. The CEO of the company DURMUS CANDAN said that in early years they could export only 5% of the production but nowadays they’ve incresed the export sales to 65% of annual production. Mr. Candan says ' Following continuosly developing technology we have expanded our product range and increased productioncapacity. Producing PPR pipe welding machine, PPRC welding machine set, plastic pipe cutters, plastic pipe welding sockets, plastic pipe sharpeners, test pressure pump, recently our company has began manufacturing of brass fittings and valves.

Candan Makina is exporting approximately to 40 countries including Germany, UAE, India, Iran, Irak, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Poland, Russia, Romania, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine. Our target markets are  African countries, Middle Asia and Latin America.

Mr. Candan claims that ‘Domestic production is decreasing and CANDAN products with very good quality is being imitated in China with same logo & brand name and being launched in foreign markets. Our first target is to use domestic manpower. We have 150 employees and with sub suppliers this number rises to 300. Foreign market is very wide for our sector but some TURKISH companies are ordering made in China products with very low prices and creating unfair competition. Our demand from Turkish Customs is to provide some measures against import of Chinese products; increasing custom duty or applying quota in order to protect domestic products.  


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