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Durmuş Candan, General Director of Candan Makina; “People will demand quality eventually”


Durmus Candan stated that quality have lost significance in Turkey because of the low prices and added “We want to see that the valves we produce become brand in the sector 10 years later. This product will brand as the Plastic Pipe Welding Machine, Plastic Pipe Cutter, Test Pressure Pump which is one of our other products have branded. People will demand quality eventually. Then only then they will prefer us.”
Durmus Candan, General Director of Candan Makina which left 33 years behind in the business life, achieved a tremendous success in this business life he began in 1979 with 8 bracelets of his wife and made its company the producer of the plastic pipe welding machine which is bought most in the world today.

One of the most important targets of Candan is to make the valves which they started to produce in 2009 a brand in the sector.
General Director Durmus Candan gave our magazine information about their company and targets and he summarized 33-year adventure of their company; “I left the company where I worked as shift supervisor after I came back from the army in 1979. I was 24 and my aim was to set up a business. I was not one of my long term aims to work in any factors as “there are social rights and insurance”. I had a profession, I was turner and I liked trading. After I left that company, I bought a mass production lathe which called turret lathe in the same year. I had no saving. So, I sold 8 bracelets of my wife to buy this lathe.
I hired a 40-square meter place in an industrial site in 1981. We moved there with a fried of mine with whom we worked together in the same company before as partners. We bought a second lathe and a press machine and expanded the business a little. At first we worked by outsourcing. We were planning to manufacture the parts of the products like valve, cock. Then, we thought to start production. But we could not start production due to the conditions of that period and we continued outsourcing. One year later I left my partner and became a personal company again. I started to make spare parts for German Siemens Company by favor of a friend. As we made the qualified goods they wanted in a nice and qualified way, we constantly received work from Siemens. Today, we carry out work of 1000 items for Siemens. We worked as sub-industry of Baymak and Siemens until 1994. Our opportunities developed slowly in this time. I was tenanted until in 1986, but I bought a field from another place. We constructed a 2-floor building on field I bought in 1988 and moved to one of its floors which was 250 square meters. We started the work of PPRC, PPR,PVC,plastic,pipe welding machine here and added valves to our product range.”

Durmus Candan, producer of the plastic pipe welding machine which is sold most in the world, stated that plastic pipe welding machines which newly came to the market in the period they started this business and the demand for this product was high. Candan said “There were companies manufacturing the product but they weren’t professional.” and continued “It is necessary to love the work firstly to be achieve quality and success in some works. We started to work with a teacher friend of mine in this period. Then my partner left, but I went on with the name of Candan Makina as I saw the bigness of the market and I believed  We entered to a different period after 2001 year.We started to participate in fairs and fasten advertising and marketing activities. Of course, we never disregarded quality in the goods we produced.”

Durmus, who emphasized in this speech that quality have lost its significance because of the low prices in Turkey, explained the subject as follows; “If you offer the lowest price, your product is demanded. The damage to be caused by the product of poor quality and the product made of the materials of poor quality is disregarded. Plastic pipe is produced in the same way nearly in all places, but the machine to be used while welding the plastic pipe is of poor quality, the expense to be caused of this machine may be more than the expense of the whole work. I think we are the only company which carries out this work under the quality standards. It is very obvious. If there is anyone contradicting, we may compare their product with ours. I was thinking while entering into this work that “If quality standards can be applied to the goods of a certain German company, why don’t I produce a different product with high-quality”. Now, we sell our product to many leading companies. But, the weight of internal market is not very much in our sales. Because, machine wholesalers disregard quality and buy the products of the company providing the cheapest machine
When we carried out our first abroad sale to Russia, we thought we could sell under the conditions harder than the conditions in Turkey. But it was exact opposite to our thoughts. The most expensive product in our product range is the product which we sell most in Russia. We have difficulty even in selling our cheapest product in Turkey. We are not in a hurry. We want that people use, see and then decide. Because, quality wins all the time.”

General Director Candan stated that Candan Makina produces the plastic pipe welding machine which is sold most in the world and they export to 40 countries. Candan explained their position in the market and how they started to produce valve as follows; “Firstly, we remarkable market in the construction sector with our welding machine that we export to 40 countries. Valve’s being in the same sector with our export product and its being my profession 30 years ago effected our beginning valve production. In fact, I felt regretful about not producing it and I thought that we could have at least 10 out of 40 countries to which we export as our valve costumers. That is why I started to produce valve in 2009
In addition, I think it is more reasonable to evaluate the crisis period rather than brooding on what to do by sitting in the office in this period. For instance, I bought machinery with cheaper prices. Rather than keeping in the stocks, I turned to cash and invested on machine. Thus, we had a new end product.”

Durmus Candan said that they carried our examinations in Russia, Ukraine and Germany before starting production in this area and they are sure of the quality of their products and added “We made quality-based market research for 6 months. Then we manufactured our own product. I can express clearly that we a more qualified product. It is a product quality of which we are sure of and so we think that we can export to at least 10 countries. We have customers who orders without asking the price of our product. A Kuwaiti customer of ours saw our valves in a fair abroad and ordered without asking the price. Customers now trust us. Because they have been selling our goods for years and they do not give them a headache as the phrase goes. Our target is to produce all our products as qualified and cease the quest of qualified product from foreign countries.”

Candan said that “The idea I have adopted in the business life is to ensure that the person using my product never suffers from this product. Not giving customers what they deserve is means convincing them and relieving their rights.” and terminated his speech by explaining his future target; “We want to see that the valves we produce become brand in the sector 10 years later. This product will brand as the plastic pipe welding machine which is one of our other products have branded. People will demand quality eventually. Then only then they will prefer us”

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